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Bon Bon's Rewards

Here are questions we get all the time about how our rewards program works. PLEASE take a minute to read the information below. This minute will save you many down the road.

  1. The name and email provided was used to create your account. Your account is associated with your email.

  2. Your Bon Bon’s rewards account is created and has points; Great! Remember, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent and can start redeeming towards your favorite items after only 20 points.

  3. After you complete your first purchase with a credit card be sure to select email receipt. By doing this you link your card with your account email. On future transactions simply use the card linked to your account and the rewards will automatically be applied. After each transaction you will receive an email receipt with your point balance.

  4. You can associate Bon Bon’s gift cards and other credit/debit cards to share the account with family if you choose.  Ask our staff for more details. 

  5. We value your time and your inbox. You will only here from us when we share information about new drinks, new menu items, or something special to offer. When you see something from Bon Bon’s pay attention because it will likely be super yummy!

  6. Questions about our rewards program, coffee, or Bon Bon’s? Ask a question HERE, give us a CALL, or STOP IN and ask a question.  We enjoy real conversations, with real people, about real things.

  7. Enjoy your day and know that we appreciate you as a customer and for supporting a local business. Many say they support local, others claim to be local, but you now have proof that you are supporting a local business. You can find me HERE, ask for Bon Bon!

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